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January 2023 - Four Corners & Initial General Meeting.

The combined clubs of WAS and NHWS held their inaugural meeting and first tasting on Thursday last at 7:30pm in The Barn at St Michael's - its regular place and slightly later new time.

Club business started the evening with the formal adoption of the club constitution and the election of a new management committee. David Rossell will chair the club for its first year and Sue will be catering coordinator. Martin Harris will be treasurer, Andy Bori will take over as secretary, David Flanders will take over membership communications and master of the web site and Kevin Crombie will remain as a committee member.  


On to the real business. Our tasting was a "four corners" format being Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and Italy. Each corner exhibited a pair of wines, one white and one red, with a finger buffet to complement them. There was no formal presentation and the 25 attendees (12 former WAS and 11 former North Hants)  enjoyed a convivial social evening with operation "get to know"  in full swing.


With 49 signed up members and a fully operational committee, our chairman was delighted that the NHWS will be able to offer a splendid programme for 2023. Our February meeting will centre on a presentation from Majestic Wines of their exhibition range and member presentations are already in plan. Old and new members are welcome.

Tasting notes from the Italy corner are available here. And here are the tasting notes for the NZ 2019 Pinot Noir and NZ 2022 Sauvignon Blanc.



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