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The IBM Basingstoke Wine Appreciation Society (or WAS for short) was set up over 30 years ago for employees of IBM and ran until December 2022. The North Hampshire Wine Society (NHWS) has been running in the same town for even longer. From January 2023 the two groups have joined to form the new North Hampshire Wine Society. 

Binendum is the website for the new combined group. For reference, you can still find the original NHWS website here.

The NHWS puts on monthly wine tastings and organised wine trips and outings for those eager to learn more about the wonderful world of wine.


There are also trips to wine regions in and around Europe, a summer garden party and the odd beer evening to mix things up a bit.

Your Committee (after reconfiguring in January 2023 into a single committee):

2023 NHWS Committee

  • David Rossell (Chairman)

  • David Flanders (Web site / Comms / News / Event Wine Sales)

  • Martin Harris (Treasurer, Bookings)

  • Andy Bori (Secretary)

  • Sue Rossell (Catering)

  • Robert Kinslow (Membership)

  • Kevin Crombie 

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