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19th June - Tony Hill of Bordeaux & Beyond - A Wine Tour de France

On Wednesday 19th June, we welcomed back to the club Tony Hill of Bordeaux & Beyond. 

Tony and his partner, John Green, set up B&B to import fine wines from Southern France, especially Bordeaux on the predicate that they only select wines they particularly like and if they don't sell them they will drink them.

Sounds good to me.

Tony is a very knowledgeable wine lover and speaks fondly of his good relationship with the families of the producers who supply him. Many of these are relatively small producers whose only entry into the UK market is via importer / vendors like B&B.

In spite of the hassle of importing post Brexit, Tony & John maintain a thriving business. B&B only sells on-line ( with a minimum of 6 of any wine.

He bought an excellent selection from his collection with three still whites, four reds and a champagne with its accompanying quiz as an interlude.  We tasted:

  • Sancerre Blanc, Dom. Pierre Riffault 2022  Sauvignon Blanc       £19.50

  • Entre-Deux-Mers Blanc, Ch. de Fontenille   2022                           £15.00

  • Vin de France, Roussanne, Dom. Vintur 2018                                 £16.00

  • Champagne, Domi Moreau, Cuvée d`Argent                                 £25.00

  • Saumur Champigny, Domaine La Seigneurie, Senonian   2021   £15.00 

  • Côtes du Ventoux, Domaine Vintur, Le Gentleman   2017           £17.50

  • St. Emilion, Ch. les Cabannes  2020                                                  £17.50

  • Lalande de Pomerol, Ch. des Moines, Amphora Malbec  2020    £21.00

It was another excellent club tasting and in spite of only 20 attendees we sent Tony away with a substantial order book.


Go and have a look at his web site. You won't be disappointed.

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