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May 2023 - Bordeaux and Beyond - Tony Hill

On Thursday May 18th we welcomed back to the club Tony Hill of Bordeaux & Beyond. Tony and his partner John Green set up B&B to import fine wines from Southern France, especially Bordeaux on the predicate that they only select wines they particularly like and if they don't sell them they will drink them. Sounds good to me.

Tony only sells on-line ( with a minimum of 6 of any wine.

He bought an excellent selection from his collection with three whites and four reds plus a champagne quiz as an interlude


Coteaux du Giennois Dom. Langlois 2021£15.50

AOC Ventoux Dom. Vintur Blanc 2020 £13.00

Saint-Verain Maconnais Dom Fagot 2021£16.50

Champagne Blanc de Blanc Domi Moruau£25.00

Carbardes Ch. De Bagnoles Majelus 2019£13.00

Montagne St. Emilion CH. Piron 2020£14.50

Cotes du Vivarais Dom Vigier l'intemporel 2019£16.00

Pessac-Legnan Ch. Bardins 2017£23.00


Tony is a very knowledgeable wine expert and a very entertaining speaker. We sent him away with a substantial order book and we are grateful to him for an excellent club tasting.

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