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North Hampshire Wine Society Privacy Policy & GDPR Statement

V1: Last updated: 18-12-22

This is the GDPR & Privacy Statement for the North Hampshire Wine Society (NHWS). This document explains what personal data is required from members, why it is required, what it used for, where it is held and for how long.




The NHWS requires certain personal data from its members in order to manage the running and administration of the Society. The NHWS follows the GDPR guidelines for storage and use of any personal data, as laid out by the ICO (, and ensures the privacy of that data. Any questions may be directed to relating to GDPR or Data Privacy.

The following information explains this in a little more detail.

What personal data does the NHWS collect?


When Members register with the NHWS, the following data is required and collected by the Membership officer on the application form. You will be asked to agree with the NHWS Data Privacy policy and for your email preferences when you apply for membership:

  • Name, Address, Telephone, Email address

  • The same information for anyone where the Membership is Joint

  • Your permission to use this data

  • Your permission to contact you regarding club news and events

How do we use this data?


Your personal data will be used by the NHWS Committee for the following purposes:

  • To confirm your eligibility to become a member per the Club membership criteria

  • To manage your annual membership

  • To communicate with you regarding upcoming events, tastings and other Society news

  • To manage your wine orders where this is aligned to a particular tasting


How long is your personal data kept?


The NHWS committee will keep your data for the duration of your membership. It will also be stored for a further two years to ensure the Committee can audit previous Society activity.


Who has access to personal data?

Only the NHWS Committee members have access to Members’ personal data for the management of your membership and its benefits. It is not shared outside the committee.

Who do we share personal data with?


The NHWS does not share your personal data with any third party.

How are corrections of data carried out?

Members may request a copy of their personal data that is stored by the NHWS. Any corrections, deletions or updates to this data and data requests should be made via the email address.


How does the NHWS manage Storage and Security of personal data?

All member data is stored on secure servers, using the latest security technologies, access restricted to committee members only.


How are changes to this statement & policy managed?


The NHWS may make occasional changes to this policy in order to ensure compliance and best practice. The latest version of this document may be requested via the email address.

Who is the NHWS contact for Data Privacy?

Our GDPR and Privacy Policy is managed by the NHWS Committee, who can be reached on the email address.

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